Integral to cross-border payments

Our technology supports the foreign exchange operations of more than 200 banks and financial institutions.

Find out how we can support and simplify your cross-border payments.

Transform your cross-border payments

Using our cloud-based SaaS platform, we have helped payment companies and fintechs streamline, customize and enhance their currency conversion capabilities. Let our technology transform your cross-border payments.

Offer your customers guaranteed rates, real-time rates or anything in between. Monetize your cross-boarder payments with superior execution, better spread capture, and internalization. Streamline transactions with automatic netting before conversion.

It’s time to turn currencies from a cost center to a source of profit.

Integral to simplification

Our proven, out-of-the-box SaaS technology can simplify and enhance your cross-border payments.

Grow your

Flexible margins, reduced costs and improved risk management can all help monetize your cross-border payments business.

your reach

Leverage our network of global banking partners and local experts to reach new markets.

your flexibility

Select and configure multiple currency products to suit your requirements and customer base.

Boost user

Enhance the user experience with our fully integrated systems, intuitive dashboards, and optimized processes.

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Automate your workflow

Streamline and simplify

Multi-source FX for payments

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Why Integral

We are the leading currency technology provider to hundreds of financial institutions around the world, bringing tier 1 technology to cross-border payments workflows.

Clients globally

We are the go-to tech that over 200 financial institutions, including banks, brokers and cross-border payment companies and others trust to run their FX businesses.

Daily trades

With more than half a million trades processed every day, we can support you as you grow.

Daily quotes

Our platform delivers more than one billion price quotes to 40,000 desktops every day.

Infinite configurations

Our cloud-based platform is infinitely configurable with a unique set up per client, serving our clients anytime, anywhere.

Integral products for cross-border payment companies


A single connection to your liquidity providers, market data sources, and external venues.


Aggregate liquidity with multiple methodologies to lower your overall execution costs.


Easily configure different liquidity pools and adjust in real-time for your pricing and hedging engines.


Improve trading outcomes with custom liquidity strategies designed for your unique trading and risk-transfer styles.

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