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SaaS trading technology for digital assets

The future of currency is changing – and we are integral to it. Is your business ready for digital assets?

We have extended our award-winning technology to support your ambitions in this exciting new asset class. You get the same institutional-grade reliability, flexibility and accuracy that you are used to as you explore digital assets.

Introducing: Integral Digital

Our award-winning SaaS technology allows you to trade cryptocurrencies and other digital assets just like you are used to in traditional currency markets.

Connect to multiple exchanges, market makers, liquidity sources, and execution hubs, all with the aid of market-leading risk management tools.

Our expertise in the institutional market has helped shape our offering which comes with an integrated PB facility.

Integral Digital at a glance

Whether you’re exploring crypto currencies for the first time or expanding your reach, here’s what makes us unique.

SaaS tech

Get up and running in a matter of weeks with our flexible and scalable institutional-grade technology.

solution included

Client segregated funds with automated transaction monitoring and air-gapped cold wallets with multiple security levels.


Seamless movement of fiat and crypto funds via existing settlement network and integrated custody providers.

Single prime
brokerage account

Credit intermediation to all trading venues with real-time netting and a true single-point connection to counterparties.

Trade digital

Integral crypto solutions

Move from on-premise to cloud

Cloud and clear

Automate your workflow

Success through SaaS

Why Integral

We have used our tried and trusted technology to build an institutional-grade cryptocurrency analytics and trading facility. Here’s what we offer.

Exchanges supported

Instant connection to a network of more than 30 digital asset exchanges and crypto prime brokers.

Crypto assets supported

We offer services for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar, CoDEX, and more than 100 ERC-20 tokens.

Crypto pairs

Explore pair trading with cryptocurrencies – we support 14 different trading pairs.

Infinite configurations

Our cloud-based platform is infinitely configurable with a unique set up per client, serving our clients anytime, anywhere.

Integral Digital products


Access liquidity aggregated across exchanges and LPs into a single consolidated book via a single-pointed API connection.


Route to all major exchanges and liquidity providers using a comprehensive suite of fee- and balance-aware execution algos.

Consolidated order

Manage all of your orders and trade data across FX, metals and other asset classes in a single place, with real-time position, balance, and limit views.


Trade any currency combinations against each other through seamless composition of synthetic crosses with top of book liquidity.

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