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e-trading solutions

Over the past few years, SaaS has become the preferred way to acquire trading technology as a result of the banking industry’s shift from on-premise to the cloud.

Build a more profitable and efficient e-trading business by taking advantage of the cloud revolution with our trading solution for banks.

Scalability. Configurability. Agility. Reliability.

In an increasingly competitive environment, banks must deliver market-leading trading solutions to their clients faster and better than challengers.

To succeed, they need state-of-the-art technology that encompasses liquidity, pricing, distribution, risk management solutions, monitoring & analytics, and execution capabilities – all from a model that is scalable and flexible to their changing needs.

This is where Integral comes in. Our currency technology platform is the world’s most comprehensive and reliable trading solution for banks.

As well as facilitating trading and currency management, we can help future-proof your business and reduce operating expenses thanks to our modern API-centric SaaS technology, aiding your growth and continued success.

What we offer

Our core qualities bring performance improvements and cost efficiencies to your business. Here’s how.


Our cloud-based platform means our solutions are fully configurable to your unique requirements.


Connect to a wide range of providers through our sophisticated network.


Get the best pricing in real time to deliver a market-leading service to your clients.

Risk Management

Automate hedging and internalization to optimize your risk management.

Move from on-premise to cloud

Upgrade your tech

Automate your workflow

Embrace automation

Trade digital

Discover your crypto-potential

Why Integral

We are the leading currency technology provider to hundreds of financial institutions around the world, including many of the largest and most influential banks.

Stay connected

We deliver a billion quotes a day to more than 40,000 end users globally each day.

Tried and trusted

More than 200 customers, including global banks, rely on our FX solutions.

Daily client volume

Wide range of asset classes, including FX, metals and CFDs, processed on our technology daily.

Infinite configurations

Our cloud-based platform is infinitely configurable with a unique set up per client, serving them anytime, anywhere.

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