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The challenge eFX professionals face today is to deliver market-leading solutions to their clients faster, better, with fewer resources and no room for error. How do you deliver state-of-the-art liquidity, pricing, distribution, risk management, and execution? BankFX, the world’s most comprehensive and reliable eFX platform.



Built on Integral’s cloud technology, BankFX includes all major features required to operate a global, multi-level, competitive eFX operation out of the box. As a business leader, you are able to quickly architect your unique solution designed to meet the needs of your current and future clients. Design every aspect of your business including liquidity sources, pricing engine algorithms, distribution channels, risk management models, hedging strategies and products. In the increasingly rare case that custom software is required, Integral engineers have worked closely with in-house and third party developers to include that last defining feature for your winning system.


BankFX is fully integrated with OCX™, the Open Currency Exchange. OCX is connected with every major liquidity-providing firm in the market in addition to order book venues, mid-point matching engines, and buy-side resting orders. Liquidity managers are able to configure multiple liquidity pools and continually adjust the sources available to both their internal pricing engine and their hedging engine. Leading banks have found significant cost advantages using the OCX network to combine their direct liquidity relationships with credit-intermediated liquidity from the broader market to reduce execution costs and deliver a competitive advantage to their eFX business.

Pricing Engine

Pricing Engine

Customizing this market-leading liquidity to meet the needs of a diverse client base is now within reach. Using the FX Pricing Engine you are able to accurately price Spot, Outright, and Swap FX products on a vanilla or synthetic basis, custom-designed for each customer or group. Every aspect of price generation from skewing to risk management and hedging models is available to optimize your yield.
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Meet your customers wherever they trade. Whether via API, your own single dealer platform, or a third party multi-dealer venue, provide your clients with the most competitive FX products; fully automated, lightning fast and 100% reliable. Deliver systems via web browsers, native desktop technology and mobile. Banks deploying BankFX have significantly increased their market share on platforms such as FXall, 360T and Bloomberg within weeks.
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Risk Management

Risk Management

Customize your risk management system to match your risk model. For each segment of order flow, you can choose to hedge the flow in real-time, hold the position, or any variation in between. FX Yield Manager is an eFX flow internalization system which monitors and manages the exposure of your risk warehouses, while automating your hedging according to your risk management policies. You define your risk warehouses, hedging strategies and risk tolerances to maximize revenue, profit and yield.
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Smartest Order Routing

Hedging has become an increasingly challenging task in today’s world of fragmented liquidity and high-speed trading. With the BankFX execution management system (EMS) and OCX, hedging is now an opportunity rather than a burden. Define your goals and BankFX will optimize your outcomes by including multiple sources and types of liquidity including direct disclosed, undisclosed resting orders and customer-to-customer mid-point matching. All accessible via complex algorithms designed, modified, and chosen by you to minimize market impact.

Smart Order Routing

Success is a Beautiful Thing

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When it all comes together; rich liquidity, the most sophisticated pricing engine, beautiful customer-facing product, automated yield management and thoughtful execution, the result is a winning solution. BankFX partners continue to out-perform their market peers resulting in some of the most successful eFX operations globally.

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