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Cracking the crypto market

Trading digital assets can be daunting as the asset class is still in its infancy. Our cloud-based SaaS workflow automation and trading technology helps you explore this new asset class in the same way you’re used to with FX. 
The future of currency is changing – we are integral.

What are digital assets?

Over the past few years, the world of digital assets has exploded. Since the birth of Bitcoin in 2008, hundreds of other cryptocurrencies have emerged, offering access to digital assets that have no physical presence and are not controlled by any government or central bank – hence the term ‘decentralized’.

The world of cryptocurrencies continues to grow, with tokens and other assets available to trade through dozens of exchanges.

Why Integral

Digital assets will be essential in the future of currency. This is why we launched Integral Digital.

Broad offering

We support trading in more than 100 crypto assets and 14 cryptocurrency pairs.

Global reach

We connect to major digital asset exchanges and liquidity providers across the world to get you the best pricing and liquidity.

Safe and sound

Our institutional-grade platform and risk management systems give you reassurance as you explore this new world.

Flex to fit

Cloud-based technology means we can scale up as you grow into digital markets – and we’ll continue to add more assets.

Use cases

Trade digital assets – with Integral products


A single connection to your liquidity providers, market data sources, and external venues.


Aggregate liquidity with multiple methodologies to optimize your pricing and lower your overall execution costs.


Easily configure different liquidity pools and adjust in real-time for your pricing and hedging engines.


Improve trading outcomes with custom liquidity strategies designed for your unique trading and risk-transfer styles.

Integral to success

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