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Financial experts collaborate on a seamless multi-source FX strategy, leveraging Integral's cloud technology.

About Integral

We built our cloud technology before the world knew what cloud was. Our best-in-class technology solutions enable leading organizations globally to meet the currency needs of their businesses and their clients.

With leading credentials and proven experience to back them up, we are the go-to tech that over 200 financial institutions trust to run their e-trading businesses. Not only because we give them what they ask for, but because we enable them to become even more than what they set out to be. Let us in on your challenge and we’ll configure it out together.

We are Integral, the world’s currency technology partner.

Our tried-and-tested cloud-based technology stack is powering growth and unlocking new opportunities for hundreds of organizations around the world as an integral part of their currency operations.

As well as facilitating trading and currency management, we can help future-proof your business and reduce operating expenses thanks to our modern API-centric SaaS technology, aiding your growth and continued success.

Integral to success

We’ve built a market-leading proposition to help you get the most from your technology. Here’s how we do it.

Flexible tech to
fit your needs

Our SaaS model gives you easy access to institutional-grade technology.

any time

Serve internal and external users wherever and whenever they trade — and open up new markets and opportunities for you and your clients.

Tried and

We are trusted by the world’s most innovative and influential companies to run their currency infrastructure through our cloud-based technology.

Integral to the
digital future

Access the growing cryptocurrency market with the same institutional quality trading experience and reliability.

Management team

Harpal Sandhu

Founder & CEO

Sanjay Madgavkar

Chief Strategy Officer

Vikas Srivastava

Chief Revenue Officer



Aladdin offers deep integration with Integral to provide straight through processing (STP) for FX products. Integral’s InvestorFX™ is a next-generation execution platform, focused on delivering best execution for multi-tenor, multi-currency pair trade lists in a way that is operationally efficient and scalable.

The integration between Aladdin and Integral’s InvestorFX™ provides the standard Aladdin e-trading workflows, including automatic fills and trade generations, via one-click order routings from the Aladdin Dashboard.


Linedata’s Order Management System (OMS) powered by Longview offers deep integration with Integral’s InvestorFX, the industry-leading FX trading platform, combining best execution, optimal netting plans and fairness of allocations for investment managers to execute FX trade lists.

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Harpal Sandhu
Founder & CEO

Harpal Sandhu founded Integral in 1993 on the campus of Stanford University with the vision of combining technology and finance for the benefit of end-users.

Leading the way with the first ever Internet based derivatives pricing and risk management system in 1997, Integral has pioneered the use of advanced technology to deliver increased transparency, best execution and operational efficiency to banks, brokers and asset managers around the world. Harpal began his career as a financial engineer in the Capital Markets Product Development Group at Morgan Stanley & Company.

Harpal holds a BA from Stanford University and is the author of 5 patents on the use of innovative technology in capital markets.

Sanjay Madgavkar
Chief Strategy Officer
Sanjay Madgavkar has been Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Business Development since he joined Integral in May 2019. Prior to joining Integral, he was Managing Director and Global Head of FX Prime Brokerage at Citigroup in New York serving Hedge Funds, High Frequency Traders, and other users of institutional FX trading services in Asia, Europe and the US. Sanjay was employed at Citi for 22 years in North America in various senior roles in FX Sales and Trading including: Head of Citi’s Margin Trading business and Co-Head of the FX and Fixed Income e-Commerce in North America. Sanjay has served on the Boards of leading FX technology firms Traiana, Volbroker and FXall. He holds a bachelors degree from St Xaviers College and a Chartered Accountant degree from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
Vikas Srivastava
Chief Revenue Officer

Vikas Srivastava joined Integral in October 2010.

Prior to joining Integral, Vikas spent ten years at Citigroup in New York in numerous senior management positions, leaving as its global head of e-commerce for the fixed income division. In this role, he was responsible for building and distributing electronic execution products and services across all fixed income and foreign exchange businesses, and managed Citigroup investments in multi-dealer platforms.

Prior to working at Citi, Vikas was the head of currency trading and risk management at Barclays Global Investors (now BlackRock) in San Francisco. Vikas holds a MBA from Tulane University, Louisiana, and a MS from the Southern Illinois University, Illinois.