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Leading trading technology for brokers

Retail and institutional brokers are under intense competitive pressure to increase profitability and market share.

We can help you meet consumer demands, navigate tight spreads, and deal with fragmented liquidity. Here’s how we do it.

Integral solutions for brokers

Our forex trading technology gives you all you need to create and operate a global, multi-level, competitive margin trading business configurable to your needs – and setup takes just a few weeks.

Access the most comprehensive end-to-end currency trading solution available on the market for retail and institutional brokers. Streamline, automate and optimize every stage of your workflow, with any configuration you need. 

What we offer

We are a trusted partner for more than 200 financial institutions worldwide – here’s why.

Global liquidity network

We are connected to more than 250 forex brokers, banks, and asset managers, providing multi-asset liquidity aggregation.


Create tailored client streams and maintain full and granular control over stream, price, spread, and order management in real-time.


Our award-winning Yield Manager application gives real-time exposure tracking and automates hedging positions to make life easier.


Seamless integration with third-party service providers through APIs, MT4 Bridge, MT5 Gateway and other options.

Trade digital

Discover your crypto-potential

Move from on-premise to cloud

Cloud and clear

Automate your workflow

Success through SaaS

Why Integral

We are the leading currency technology provider to hundreds of financial institutions around the world, bringing tier-1 technology to brokerage firms.

Network participants

Our network includes more than 250 brokers, banks, and asset managers around the world.

Trades per day

We process over 500,000 trades every day with peak trading levels of more than 35,000 trades a minute.

Trading volume

Our technology enables daily trading volumes of over $50bn – one of the largest over-the-counter networks in the world.

Infinite configurations

Our cloud-based platform is infinitely configurable with a unique set up per client, serving our clients anytime, anywhere.

Integral products for brokers

at scale

We process over 500,000 trades daily across FX, crypto and precious metals,  supporting over 35,000 trades per minute at peak periods.

Tried and

We deliver more than one billion price quotes for trading to over 40,000 end users globally without fail every day.


Our global FX and cryptocurrency trading technology enables workflow automation, bringing greater efficiencies to your trading activities.


We have extended our institutional-grade trading technology to cryptocurrencies  so you can easily access the rapidly evolving market.

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