We built our cloud technology before the world knew what cloud was. It’s no wonder we’ve become an integral technology partner to hundreds of financial institutions over the past 20+ years.

Whether you’re an established bank, a busy retail broker or a global payments company, we have solutions for you. Our teams give you access to institutional-grade technology, help you embrace the benefits of cloud and grow your currency capabilities.

Essential agility

Our products and solutions can be tailored and configured to meet your organization’s specific requirements.

Cloud and clear

Software-as-a-Service provided by the cloud gives you a secure, highly scalable and reliable system.

Go global

Access a network of global LPs, exchanges, and traders to maximize your price discovery opportunities.

Decoding digital

The future of currency is changing. Our technology will grow with you and be ready for whatever the future holds.

Integral to
your growth

We offer solutions to help you grow your business and make your operations more efficient. Expand your currency reach, leverage cloud technology, embrace automation, and explore the new world of digital assets – all with Integral.

Integral to
e-trading businesses

Our subscription-based SaaS platform is used by financial organizations of all kinds, with solutions tailored to the needs of their business and sector, provided at fixed costs. See what our services can offer your company today.

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