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Integral to the cloud’s DNA

Tried, tested, transformational cloud technology

In a fully online and interconnected world the days of on-premise technology are numbered. To truly future-proof your business, you need to explore what cloud-based technology can do for you.

Why move to the cloud?

Technology needs to be flexible, accessible and easily scalable to cope with ever-changing business requirements and enable you to react to evolving market needs with agility.

Cloud-based technology not only removes the need for onsite server space, but it also transforms how technology and software is upgraded. Updates are rolled out quickly and maintained continuously with far fewer delays, and problems can be fixed easily – all at a much lower cost of ownership.

Why Integral

We built our cloud technology before the world knew what cloud was.

Cloud and clear

Our SaaS tech stack simplifies your set-up to help save you time and increase profitability.

Every-angle agility

Free your processes from legacy on-premise systems with access via web from anywhere.

Go configure

Cloud-based technology is easily adaptable – just tell us what you need and, together, we’ll configure it out.

Future focused

We are constantly evolving our technology to ensure you get the best and most up-to-date services and products.

Use cases

Integral products – in the cloud


A single connection to your liquidity providers, market data sources, and external venues.


Aggregate liquidity with multiple methodologies to optimize your pricing and lower your overall execution costs.


Easily configure different liquidity pools and adjust in real-time for your pricing and hedging engines.


Improve trading outcomes with custom liquidity strategies designed for your unique trading and risk-transfer styles.

Integral to success

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