5 reasons to re-evaluate your tech vendor



Brokers around the world face a number of common problems when it comes to their legacy tech vendors.

Here are the top 5 reasons  why you should start looking at changing your tech vendor:

1. Tech vendor costs are starting to spiral

You’ve been busy acquiring new customers, but, with growing trading volumes, you are now paying higher brokerage fees to your tech vendor. What was once a good deal is no more – a high price to pay for being successful!

Your technology hasn’t changed, and you still have the same LP relationships – yet the more volume you trade, the more the costs increase. You’re not getting more technology for your money, so why pay more for using it? Imagine if you could re-invest those ever-growing tech fees back into your business.

2. The platform is not giving you at least 99.999% uptime

There is a myriad of technology vendors out there, with new ones popping up all the time, offering interesting features and attractive introductory prices, but, when it comes to the crunch, are they delivering over 99.999% uptime?

Is the tech as reliable as promised in the sales pitch? In a very competitive market, uptime is crucial to keep your business running and your clients happy. Why gamble with unproven technology and risk your reputation.

3. You’re starting to outgrow your tech

Is your growth strategy constrained because your tech cannot scale with your business?

Your requirements typically change as your business grows and your tech should be able to support that. It’s crucial that you’re able to configure and customize your technology platform so that it matches your unique business needs – whatever stage of the lifecycle your business is in.

4. You want to mitigate third-party vendor risk

Business continuity is critical in fast moving markets and any form of outage can be costly. You have backups in place for your trading platform and multiple LP relationships in case one fails. But what about your third party tech vendor: what happens if they go down?

It can be very frustrating when something out of your control has an impact on your business, so mitigate that risk by utilizing a second vendor. Here’s a secret: all the top brokers do this!

5. Migration fears keeps you up at night

You know it’s time for a change, but has the fear of migration become the elephant in the room? Many brokers have stopped kicking that can down the road to do what’s right for their customers and business.

Here’s why you should choose Integral’s cloud-based SaaS trading technology:

Fixed tech costs
Our SaaS pricing model means you pay a fixed monthly subscription fee without any hidden or variable costs. Free up capital and invest in growing your business.

Extremely reliable
Our institutional-grade technology is trusted by over 200 customers the world over, who have been with us for years, benefiting from extremely reliable technology.

Our tech scales with you
Our technology is built to scale with you and designed to allow endless configuration, so it fits your unique requirements. Our multi-tenant infrastructure, deployed across a range of global data centers, means we get you connected and setup quickly, easily, and efficiently. All you need is internet access.

We handle the migration for you
Don’t let the lack of resources hold your business back! Our global team of engineers are at hand to guide you through each step of the way and our bespoke implementation plans are designed to work around your needs. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

Want to find out more? You can get in touch with us at brokers@integral.com.

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