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FX TradeVault℠: A global trade repository for FX for everyone to use

Integral's FX TradeVault℠ is an industry-leading trade repository for foreign exchange that is delivered as a service, hosted by Integral.

Integral has leveraged its existing implementation of FX Grid® to create a global trade repository that allows for real-time reporting of transaction data, data recordkeeping and reporting.

It is a centralized, registered repository that captures and maintains an electronic database of cleared and non-cleared FX transactions. The use of the global trade repository is open to all FX market participants.

The global trade repository has the functionality and ability to record foreign exchange trades, including forwards, non-deliverable forwards, swaps and options; and with the intent to make that information available for both regulatory and public reporting purposes. The repository is capable of receiving and processing data according to the expected regulations, including trade counterparties, exchanges and execution facilities, clearing organizations and third-party matching and confirmation platforms.

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