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StoneX doubles precious metals volumes in first year working with Integral

Customer Success Story

StoneX Group, Inc. is a Fortune 100 company employing a team of 2,900 people, serving more than 32,000 customers in 180 countries. The company provides customers with a full-service trading capability, and they are a major player in the global physical precious metals markets.


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The Challenge

As the industry moved away from using voice trading to hedge risk, Stone X Precious Metals needed to find a solution suitable for their precious metal client base, predominately physical gold traders, which would allow them to grow and develop the business. Their past solution offered a single price feed into their trading platform resulting in limited liquidity and lack of flexibility to respond to client pricing needs.

Requirements of new solution:

  • Robust platform, able to handle the high volumes while pricing competitively and managing risk
  • A scalable solution with the flexibility to support their growing business and still deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction
  • Greater access to liquidity for optimal client service
  • Managed costs and development
  • Rapid implementation

The Solution

Integral set up StoneX Precious Metals with its world-class integrated eFX solution that offers the most complete set of functionality on the market. As a cloud-based platform, it enabled StoneX Precious Metals to design and deliver a bespoke solution that supported their demands to serve their existing customers and add new business.

The solution includes:

  • Optimal Price Distribution — Integral provided StoneX Precious Metals with a richly featured price engine, giving them the capability to distribute prices both internally and externally
  • Industry Leading Pricing — Direct bank liquidity and unique sources
  • Risk Management — Implementation of Yield Manager, Integral’s complete risk management system which automates, manages and monitors the risk and yield of the most complex trading businesses
  • Cloud Hosted Solution — Zero data and hardware costs and ultra-low latency connection to a variety of providers and services
  • Post Trade STP
  • Rapid Deployment
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The results

StoneX Precious Metals has used Integral’s technology for several years. Integral has worked in close collaboration with them to provide the best solution as their business evolves and grows.

Size of precious metals business

StoneX have doubled their business in the first 18 months of working with Integral.

Increased access to LPs

Meeting customer hedging needs in any market conditions with access to multi-sourced liquidity.

End-to-end solution

Full service solution that covers all trading needs, in addition to precious metals

Streamlined risk management

Automated risk management enabled greater return and operational efficiencies across trades of all sizes.

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