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FX Markets. Integrated.

Open Currency Exchange: Real-Time Prices

Average Daily Volume by Month (in USD Billions, single counted)
Month Average Daily Volume (ADV)
Dec-2020 $48.5 B Press Release
Nov-2020 $47.8 B Press Release
Oct-2020 $43.8 B Press Release
Sep-2020 $41.0 B Press Release
Aug-2020 $39.8 B Press Release
Jul-2020 $37.4 B Press Release
Jun-2020 $35.1 B Press Release
May-2020 $32.6 B Press Release
Apr-2020 $35.1 B Press Release
Mar-2020 $55.6 B Press Release
Feb-2020 $39.9 B Press Release
Jan-2020 $35.5 B Press Release
Dec-2019 $36.3 B Press Release
Nov-2019 $34.0 B Press Release
Oct-2019 $36.4 B Press Release
Sep-2019 $37.3 B Press Release
Aug-2019 $34.5 B Press Release
Jul-2019 $34.1 B Press Release
Jun-2019 $36.4 B Press Release
May-2019 $30.5 B Press Release
Apr-2019 $31.2 B Press Release
Mar-2019 $39.0 B Press Release
Feb-2019 $33.3 B Press Release
Jan-2019 $34.7 B Press Release
Dec-2018 $38.7 B Press Release
Nov-2018 $38.3 B Press Release
Oct-2018 $34.6 B Press Release
Sep-2018 $33.6 B Press Release
Aug-2018 $33.5 B Press Release
Jul-2018 $35.3 B Press Release
Jun-2018 $39.9 B Press Release
May-2018 $38.8 B Press Release
Apr-2018 $35.0 B Press Release

Wide, diverse pool of liquidity

With over 250 banks, brokers and asset managers directly connected into the ECN, OCX brings together the widest variety of FX market participants into a single integrated network of liquidity. Our customers leverage this deep and diverse liquidity to achieve greater profitability. As a participant, you can directly access other clients’ displayed limit orders, other clients’ hidden mid-point interest, and market maker streaming prices.
More Speed

More Speed, Less Risk

Integral built the OCX matching engine from the ground up for speed, and it is the fastest publicly accessible technology available today. Taking advantage of the matching engine’s high performance roundtrip speed of below 25 microseconds, traders are exposed to less risk and enjoy greater fill rates. Market makers take on less risk and retain more profit.


OCX was designed to include all FX market participants. By lowering access fees and eliminating the exclusivity requirements of legacy platforms, OCX opens the FX market to everyone. Simply set up an account with a participating OCX Clearing Member firm and you are ready to trade.

More Speed


Introducing OCX Trader™, the world’s most advanced FX trading system. It adapts to your trading style, optimally balancing speed of execution, price and fill rate to meet your needs. All delivered in a beautiful modern user experience available in Windows, Mac OS, web browser and iOS.

FX and Cryptocurrency Prices Wherever You Go

You're not always at your desk. Download the free OCX Viewer™ so you can keep track of FX and cryptocurrency prices on your phone. In addition to more than 200 currency pairs, OCX Viewer also includes BTC/USD, ETH/USD, BCH/USD,and LTC/USD.

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