Risk Management

Automated, Monitored, Managed

Here today. Here tomorrow.

Any FX business today without adequate risk management systems in place to control operational, system, and market risks will not be in business tomorrow. That’s why Integral partners rely so heavily on the industry’s most robust series of risk management services available. From real-time position monitoring and hedging, to continuous service level and system availability reporting; risks are identified, assessed and actively managed. No surprise that Integral has achieved the highest service levels in the industry 3 years running.

FX Yield Manager

Integral FX Yield Manager is the most advanced internalization or “B-Booking” engine available today. For each segment of order flow, you can choose to hedge the flow in real-time (A-Book), warehouse the position (B-Book) or custom versions of both. FX Yield Manager is a complete risk management system which automates, manages and monitors the risk and yield of the most complex FX businesses. You define your risk warehouses, hedging strategies and risk tolerances to maximize revenue, profit and yield.

FX Yield Manager - e-FX Initiative of the Year
Fully Customizable

Risk under your control

Ultra-high performance risk warehouses for every currency pair at your disposal. Able to accept over 3,500 orders per second and deliver real-time net open position levels. Allows you to design your risk management policy on your terms.

Auto-hedging means never being exposed

Based on pre-defined risk policies, FX Yield Manager automatically hedges open positions without delay, communicating everything visually through an intuitive dashboard as it happens. The system has direct and instantaneous access to Integral OCX which hedges the position using Integral’s proven best execution algorithms.

FXCloud Watch Dashboard

Integral System Watch

Never go a minute without knowing the exact state of your business. Monitor in real-time comprehensive health indicators of all of your Integral systems and services, your customers’ systems, their connectivity, their trade flow and their execution quality. Never before has this level and quality of information been made available to business owners. Service is your product. Ensure that your service beats the competition with Integral’s cloud-based platform.

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