Pricing Engine

The most powerful and widely used liquidity distribution platform

Rock Solid

Over 100 global banks and brokers rely on the Integral Pricing Engine for its unparalleled power and flexibility. Leading e-FX businesses choose Integral to increase their market share and revenue, while reducing market risk, operational risk and technology costs.

Accurate to the Core

Making the “right” price in today’s rapidly evolving FX markets is a multi-dimensional challenge. Seasoned e-FX professionals know that creating an accurate core price to anchor their business is key. The Integral FX Pricing Engine reliably delivers a resilient core price utilizing the OCX network of ultra-low latency market indicators, customized quality filters and smart sanity checks. Layer on additional requirements for order acceptance, liquidity regeneration, and synthetic crosses and outrights to create a rock solid foundation for your state-of-the-art price generation, distribution, and hedging platform. Power combined with flexibility… that is the core of the Integral Pricing Engine.

Core Price

Fully Customizable

To Each His Own

The Integral FX Pricing Engine facilitates the customized creation and distribution of your liquidity to accurately price Spot, Outright and Swap FX products for each of your customer groups. Expand your definitions to include unique channels, counterparties and third party venues. You can also design an unlimited number of custom price streams, each with their own characteristics based on currency pair, size, tenor, order type or time of day.

Full Service Offering

Whether your business is run as a principal that warehouses risk, a riskless principal that covers in real-time or an agency execution business, the Integral Pricing Engine enables you to clearly and easily manage a variety of business models in parallel, while customizing the risk management philosophy for each one. Choose between filling your customer before covering, covering first, or dynamically switching between the two depending on available liquidity and market conditions. Apply pre- or post-trade margins at multiple levels to fine-tune customer execution quality. Leverage multiple execution algorithms or configure your own to send via API. Integral Pricing Engine allows you to run a full-service offering for your specific needs on a fully-automated basis. Available to you on-demand with no install and no coding. No kidding.

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