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Business Support Services

Reliable, Knowledgeable, Global

Integral automated FX solutions are delivered as “software-as-a-service” and our Business Support Services are a clear value-add to the service part of that equation. Providing a full range of business support services to our customers is part of how we ensure your success.

Getting You Started

Integral business support staff will work with you to arrange for training, to coordinate your service implementation, and to plan for projects such as STP or protocol integrations to your back office.

Business support services staff manage our ongoing relationship with you and work with all your key personnel from the trading desk to the back office to ensure smooth operations and a high level of service delivery.

Once You're Up and Running

Our support services are staffed by experienced, FX-knowledgeable business specialists, skilled in all Integral products, and as a trusted partner, act as a neutral facilitator if discrepancies arise. All customers have phone and email support as well as access to Integral's online-ticketing and tracking system.

Our robust first line support includes 24-hour support service from Sunday night when the markets open in Australia to close-of-market in New York on Friday evening.

Special Projects

Our business support services group handles all localization services for global clients.

Whether you need specific language localization or functionality customization due to local requirements, business support services will work with you to identify your needs and requirements and ensure quality implementation.

Business Development Services

Our Business Development staff can help you expand your LP relationships to all Market Makers on the FX Grid.

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