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Competition in margin FX has never been more intense. How does today’s modern broker keep pace with ever more demanding customers, fragmented liquidity, regulatory oversight, 100% uptime requirements and tighter spreads? Built on our cloud-based technology, IntegralFX allows leading brokers to deliver state-of-the-art FX trading services to a global customer base at a fraction of the cost, with 100% reliability and maximized profits.



Our platform includes all major features required to operate a global, multi-level, competitive margin FX business out of the box. As a business owner, you design every aspect of your system including liquidity sources, customer price streams, front-end trading systems, and risk management models. In the increasingly rare case that custom software is required, Integral engineers have worked closely with in-house and third party developers to include that last defining feature for your winning solution.


IntegralFX is fully integrated with OCX, the Open Currency Exchange, supporting access to liquidity for forex, precious metals, energy and CFDs. OCX is connected with every major liquidity-providing firm in the market, in addition to order book venues, mid-point matching engines and buy-side resting orders. Liquidity managers are able to configure multiple liquidity pools and continually adjust the sources available to both their internal pricing engine and their hedging engine. Leading brokers have found significant cost advantages using the OCX network to combine their direct liquidity relationships with credit intermediated liquidity from the broader market, to reduce spread costs and gain a competitive advantage for their margin business.

Pricing Engine

Pricing Engine

Customizing this market-leading liquidity to meet the needs of a diverse client base is now within reach. Using the FX Pricing Engine, you are able to accurately price FX products, custom designed for each customer group. You can generate independent price streams and booking models for social traders, news traders, institutional traders or screen traders. You can control every aspect of price generation from skewing, to risk management and hedging models.

Accurate to the Core

Making the “right” price in today’s rapidly evolving FX markets is a multi-dimensional challenge. Seasoned e-FX professionals know that creating an accurate core price to anchor their business is key. The Integral FX Pricing Engine reliably delivers a resilient core price utilizing the OCX network of ultra-low latency market indicators, customized quality filters and smart sanity checks. Layer on additional requirements for order acceptance, liquidity regeneration, and synthetic crosses and outrights to create a rock solid foundation for your state-of-the-art price generation, distribution, and hedging platform. Power combined with flexibility… that is the core of the Integral Pricing Engine.

Core Price

Fully Customizable

To Each His Own

The Integral FX Pricing Engine facilitates the customized creation and distribution of your liquidity to accurately price Spot, Outright and Swap FX products for each of your customer groups. Expand your definitions to include unique channels, counterparties and third party venues. You can also design an unlimited number of custom price streams, each with their own characteristics based on currency pair, size, tenor, order type or time of day.

Full Service Offering

Whether your business is run as a principal that warehouses risk, a riskless principal that covers in real-time or an agency execution business, the Integral Pricing Engine enables you to clearly and easily manage a variety of business models in parallel, while customizing the risk management philosophy for each one. Choose between filling your customer before covering, covering first, or dynamically switching between the two depending on available liquidity and market conditions. Apply pre- or post-trade margins at multiple levels to fine-tune customer execution quality. Leverage multiple execution algorithms or configure your own to send via API. Integral Pricing Engine allows you to run a full-service offering for your specific needs on a fully-automated basis. Available to you on-demand with no install and no coding. No kidding.


Meet your customers wherever they trade. Whether via MT4, API, or your own custom trading platform, provide your clients with the most competitive FX products; fully automated, lightning fast and 100% reliable. By meeting your customers in Integral datacenters in New York, London and Tokyo, you can keep latency to a minimum and profits to a maximum.

FXInside 7.0

Currently deployed to over 800 institutions across 2,000 desktops, FXInside remains the FX industry’s most sophisticated and highest performance institutional trading platform. Now available with advanced algorithmic trading functionality, tick-by-tick charting and real-time blotters, FXInside provides your internal traders and external clients with an industrial-strength trading platform for even the most discriminating user.



Deliver the same feature-rich functionality of the desktop to a touch- based mobile user experience with FXInside Mobile. Available on iOS for iPhone and iPad, FXInside Mobile allows for a seamless and continuous trading experience even if you are away from your desktop.


Provide both your market data and trading interface to your FX business through the Integral Market Data Feed and Order Entry APIs respectively. These ultra-low latency connectivity solutions allow you to deliver highly competitive price discovery and execution services to the most demanding institutional clients.


Multi-dealer Platforms

Distribute your FX products to your customers via multi-bank platforms including FXall, 360T and Bloomberg via the most comprehensive integration available. More than just a simple adapter, Integral’s distribution platform is deeply integrated with these platforms to allow you to fully engage with the customer, across a range of trade types and workflows including Portfolio OMS, to compete and win the most profitable business from clients.

MetaQuotes MT4

The Integral platform includes the industry’s most robust and highest- performing connection to MT4. Available as a pure MT4 plugin, the Integral MarginFX MT4 Bridge requires no installation, software upgrade, or setup. The plugin will auto-configure itself and connect with the Integral platform, delivering full STP and MT4 server monitoring instantly. Resiliency, simplicity and performance in one solution.


Risk Management

Risk Management

Customizing your risk management models to maximize your yield is key in maintaining your competitive edge. MarginFX includes Integral’s newest and most advanced risk management feature, FX Yield Manager. For each segment of order flow, you can choose to hedge the flow in real-time (A-Book), warehouse the position (B-Book) or custom versions of both. FX Yield Manager is a complete risk management system which automates, manages and monitors the risk and yield of the most complex margin FX businesses. Define risk warehouses, hedging strategies and risk tolerances to maximize revenue, profit and yield.

FX Yield Manager

Integral FX Yield Manager is the most advanced internalization or “B-Booking” engine available today. For each segment of order flow, you can choose to hedge the flow in real-time (A-Book), warehouse the position (B-Book) or custom versions of both. FX Yield Manager is a complete risk management system which automates, manages and monitors the risk and yield of the most complex FX businesses. You define your risk warehouses, hedging strategies and risk tolerances to maximize revenue, profit and yield.

FX Yield Manager - e-FX Initiative of the Year
Fully Customizable

Risk under your control

Ultra-high performance risk warehouses for every currency pair at your disposal. Able to accept over 3,500 orders per second and deliver real-time net open position levels. Allows you to design your risk management policy on your terms.

Auto-hedging means never being exposed

Based on pre-defined risk policies, FX Yield Manager automatically hedges open positions without delay, communicating everything visually through an intuitive dashboard as it happens. The system has direct and instantaneous access to Integral OCX which hedges the position using Integral’s proven best execution algorithms.

FXCloud Watch Dashboard

Integral System Watch

Never go a minute without knowing the exact state of your business. Monitor in real-time comprehensive health indicators of all of your Integral systems and services, your customers’ systems, their connectivity, their trade flow and their execution quality. Never before has this level and quality of information been made available to business owners. Service is your product. Ensure that your service beats the competition with Integral’s cloud-based platform.

Never Fails

In use by over 60 brokers globally, IntegralFX is the most reliable system available today. We process over 500,000 trades per day with peak trading levels above 35,000 trades per minute and in a typical day we distribute over 1 billion price quotes to over 40,000 desktops globally without fail.


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Peak Trades
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With the best liquidity, the most reliable system and the most advanced risk management engine, retaining your current customers and acquiring new ones from your competitors becomes a reality. MarginFX brokers have consistently outperformed their market peers every year for the past 5 years resulting in some of the most successful FX operations globally.

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