Optimal Netting, Best Execution and End-to-End Automation

Leading Investment Managers Outperform with InvestorFX

How do leading asset managers minimize transaction costs, reduce operational risk and deliver those savings to all of their stakeholders on a fair and equitable basis? InvestorFX, the industry's leading workflow automation and best execution platform.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Buy-side traders no longer have to choose between minimizing operational risk and maximizing execution quality. Built with Integral’s cloud technology, InvestorFX is able to connect to all major OMS platforms and a variety of custom in-house platforms to deliver scalable, end-to-end automation. Combined with Integral's award-winning trading support team, our seamless integration into your current trading processes means that operational risk is systematically reduced with no compromises to your execution quality.

Optimal Netting

Trading FX in today’s financial world is hard. Trading complex FX portfolios of Spot, Outrights, and Swaps is even harder. Using InvestorFX’s advanced netting engine, asset managers can now unbundle their spot and forward risks to net across tenors, instruments and currency pairs. Just review and select your preferred netting plan based on real-time market prices. Optimal netting is now available in just one click.

Best Execution

Best Execution

InvestorFX is fully integrated with OCX, the Open Currency Exchange. OCX is connected with every major liquidity provider in the market, as well as order book venues and midpoint matching for client-to-client trading. Asset managers can also implement various algorithms, including TWAP for large-sized orders. InvestorFX provides you with all the tools you need to achieve the lowest cost of transacting anywhere.

Fairness of Allocations

Having achieved best execution in the market, the ability to allocate those savings fairly and accurately across each originating fund is key to a complete process. InvestorFX precisely calculates the savings from pre-trade netting, client-to-client matching and execution in the market to fairly allocate the cost savings to each originating fund. In this time of heightened regulatory compliance, demonstrating fairness of allocations is just as important as proving best execution.

Fair and Accurate Allocation

Best of Both Worlds

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Lower operational risk and lower transaction costs. When it all comes together — the most optimized netting solution, best execution, and fully integrated end-to-end automation, the result is a winning solution. InvestorFX managers outperform their peers at some of the most successful FX operations globally every year.

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