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TrueFX provides retail brokers with direct access to the interbank foreign exchange market.

On the portal site TrueFX.com, Integral publishes tick-by-tick historical and real-time market data free of charge to all market participants. Users have access to clean, aggregated, dealable bid and offer prices direct from leading market makers.

TrueFX will increase transparency and auditability for everyone, resulting in dramatically greater market participation and increased safety for retail traders.

TrueFX Benefits

  • Free Real-time tick-by-tick data for all the major currency pairs
  • Free tick-by-tick historic data
  • Spot check historic rates
  • Access to clean, aggregated, dealable bid and offer prices

TrueFX Features

  • "No Dealing Desk" operation
  • Back-to-back cover trading
  • Integration with prime brokers
  • A netting facility for high-volume small-size tickets
  • Customer account segregation capabilities
  • Free tools and web widgets for sharing and customzing

If you are an end user and would like to find brokers that are using Integral's setup today and supporting the TrueFX initiative, please click here.

* Forex trading involves the substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. The statements made in no way imply that the FSA, CFTC, NFA or any other regulator has endorsed Integral to provide the services discussed.

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