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Integral Margin FX Trading Solution

A fully managed retail FX brokerage solution that offers everything brokers need to run their business including MT4 expertise.


Integral offers margin FX brokers the solutions they need to build their own private FX exchange to deliver branded trading services to their customers.

Because everything is a service, hosted by Integral, retail brokers can enter new markets quickly, and scale efficiently, without owning and operating any IT infrastructure.

Margin FX brokers can increase profitability and efficiency of their business by relying on Integralís solutions for full market access to all major sources of liquidity including banks, brokers and ECNs. They also get an industry-leading execution management system (EMS), and a MT4 bridge that is free of charge to qualifying brokers.

Instant Access to Tier-1 Technology

Over 200 institutions and 1,500 trading parties have deployed Integralís liquidity aggregation services as the basis of their successful FX businesses. By connecting once to Integral, retail FX brokers get access to FX Gridģ, a global inter-institutional connectivity and trading network, connecting active market participants with all major sources of liquidity.

Be in Control of Key Business Processes

Pick and choose the risk model (A-book, B-book, mix) that works best for your business and for your customers. Consolidate multiple liquidity providersí streams into one desktop. Take advantage of the flexibility to configure multiple price streams to different customers, putting you in charge of pricing details.

Your Own Private Trading Solution

Source, package, and deliver your liquidity, directly to your clients under your brand by using FX Inside White Labelô. It gives you the flexibility to configure your own trading system, including:

  • Liquidity sources
  • Pricing model
  • Execution model
  • Risk management
  • User experience of clients

Fully Hosted MT4 and MT4 Bridge

Integral has applied its deep understanding of the micro-structures of FX markets and sophisticated smart order routing, to dramatically improve the return of investment FX brokers are used to getting from their MT4 installations.

FX brokers gain a competitive advantage through the tight integration with FX Gridģ, including the sophisticated reporting and risk management capabilities that Integral offers on its award-winning platform.

The entire MT4 solution can be accessed as a pre-integrated service, hosted by Integral, or configured to work with a brokerís existing MT4 server via Integralís Bridge.

Integralís end-to-end service includes hosting of the MT4 Bridge server, managing the connection to FX Grid, and providing access to deep and resilient liquidity.

MT4 Bridge MT4 Bridge

MT4 bridge — Access to multi-source liquidity

With the depth and breadth of liquidity sources available, high-powered algorithmic execution, smart order routing, and free tick-by-tick data, Integralís FX Grid is the place with the best liquidity and best execution.

End users can access the functionality and liquidity of Integralís FX Grid through their familiar MT4 user interface. Other advantages include smarter communication with multiple FX venues, the ability to process multiple simultaneous order requests, and specific workflows to identify and isolate out-trades in real-time.

Integralís solution also offers full round-trip execution confirmation with the MT4 system, making any order rejection instantly known.

Integralís plug and play MT4 bridge gives retail FX brokers access to a MT4 solution that is completely automated, very quick to deploy and cost effective.

Many Advanced Options Tailored to the Needs of FX Retail Brokers

With the help of Integralís technology solutions, FX retail brokers will be able to run extremely efficient FX operations.

  • Customer flow can be tracked and managed at the MT4 group and account level
  • Integralís MT4 Bridge can take a single price stream and create multiple symbols with different spreads
  • Spreads can be captured in FX Grid on a per-order basis and tracked at the MT4 group and account level
  • All customer orders that are not processed straight through are captured in FX Grid so that brokers can manage their market risk using FX Inside Professionalô

Business Support Services

  • 24 x 7 support
  • Staffed with FX-knowledgeable business specialists
  • Training and implementation services

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