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Integral On Demand Algo Trader™

Integral On Demand Algo Trader is an end-to-end hosted solution designed specifically to address the needs of algorithmic trading firms in foreign exchange.

Delivered On Demand, Integral's solution addresses every hardware question a systematic trading firm needs to answer to run its algorithms. Integral's existing software services complement this offer. From the machines, to the network, to applications, access to liquidity and APIs, Integral delivers a one-stop solution to get firms from trading model to live trading as quickly as possible.

Co-located in data centers with FX Grid®, Integral's global inter-institutional connectivity and trading network, the service virtually eliminates latency.

Clients have the option of using their own proprietary hardware or leasing managed blade servers from Integral. Both options allow customers to reside in managed enclosures run by Integral. Users can deploy their own proprietary applications and access liquidity through the FX Inside API™, or take advantage of FX Inside HD™, Integral's ultra-low latency version of FX Inside™ Professional EMS (Execution Management System).

On Demand Algo Trader Benefits

  • Virtually eliminates latency issues
  • Use your own proprietary hardware or lease managed blade servers from Integral
  • Deploy your own proprietary applications and access liquidity through the FX Inside API™ or take advantage of FX Inside HD for ultra-low latency price discovery and best execution

On Demand Algo Trader Features

  • Hosted in Integral's data centers, co-located with FX Grid
  • On Demand access to an existing infrastructure for a nominal fee
  • Complementary to existing software solutions

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