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Integral FX Inside White Label™

FX Inside White Label™ private FX trading solutions put you in control of all aspects of your FX business including its profitability.

FX Inside White Label is a managed service FX trading system that allows you to source, package, and deliver your liquidity, directly to your clients, under your brand.

Whether you are a broker, retail aggregator or bank, FX Inside White Label solutions allow you to offer FX trading services to your institutional, corporate, professional, and retail clients.

Business Control

FX Inside White Label gives you the flexibility to configure your own trading system including:

  • liquidity sources
  • pricing model
  • execution model
  • risk management
  • client’s user experience

Act as an agent minimizing risk or act as market maker, assuming risk and warehousing flow, using your own unique business model.

FX Inside White Label puts you into the electronic FX business, supporting your business model, under your brand. You service and manage your clients with your own private trading system.

Multi-bank access gives you best liquidity and high availability.

FX Inside White Label

FX Inside White Label— workflow


Quickly launch or expand your own private, branded trading system

FX Inside White Label is a managed service giving you the ability to quickly go live with a FX trading solution.

Business configurations that match your requirements

FX Inside White Label supports a wide range of configurations to match your trading solution to your business requirements. You decide how you want to source and price. Determine your risk and management model, and your client’s experience.

Services that address institutional, professional and retail client segments

You can create offerings for all your client segments including:

  • Institutions
  • Corporates
  • Professionals
  • Retail traders

You can also service your partners such as introducing brokers, or your own internal lines of business such as internal trade desks or branches.

Ease of Deployment

FX Software-as-a-Service
Integral’s solutions and services are delivered On Demand so that you can enter new markets quickly without having to own and operate any IT infrastructure. No system software to install, no migrations to plan.

FX Inside White Label is an On Demand service integrated with Integral’s FX Grid, a global inter-institutional connectivity and trading network, linking leading market making banks to FX market participants.


Price Making

FX Inside White Label gives you the ability to configure multiple price streams and specify your execution model, tailored to your business model and specific to your counterparties.

  • Price Stream Configuration
    For each currency pair within a given price stream you:
    • Determine which of your liquidity source’s – your liquidity providers or your client’s order flow – prices to consolidate
    • Choose a method for consolidating your liquidity
    • Specify a spread
  • Execution Model Configuration
    For each currency pair within a price stream you can specify an execution method:
    • Fill or Kill
    • All or Nothing (AON)
    • No Cover (you assume market risk)
    • Keep price improvement or pass along to your clients

Price Provisioning

For each counterparty, FX Inside White Label lets you set spreads, assign trading limits and specify currency pairs.

Counterparty Risk Management

Configurable credit service allows you to manage your counterparty’s credit exposure in real-time.

Each counterparty can be assigned a trading limit and method for calculating counterparty exposure including:

  • Net Open Position
  • Daily netting
  • Gross daily settlement
  • Notifications
    Receive email notifications based on credit thresholds: notification, warning or trading suspension.

Client Trading

FX Inside White Label provides a range of flexible options for client trading.

  • Use Integral's .NET or browser-based trading clients for your credit counterparties.
  • Use the FX Inside API to integrate to existing trading systems.
  • MetaTrader integration
  • FXall integration


This native Windows client algorithmically aggregates and ranks prices for best price and best execution, all in a single, highly configurable interface.

See the FX Inside Professional data sheet for complete details.


The web-based browser is easily deployable, and offers executable streaming prices, real-time blotter, and reports.

Integrate to an Existing Trading System

  • FX Inside API™
    The FX Inside API is a set of application programming interfaces, supporting the FIX protocol and Java. The FX Inside API can be used to integrate proprietary electronic and algorithmic client-server, browser-based and mobile application trading systems. See the FX Inside API data sheet for more details.

Post-Trade Processing

Easy post-trade processing through one STP service that connects seamlessly to many banks.

Grid Monitor

Brokers can access FX Grid monitor services. The monitor provides a summary for trading, customer and provider performance indicators.

A broker can:

  • Access end-to-end workflow event tracking
  • Capture market and system snapshot when business transactions happen
  • Provide alert mechanisms for Critical Performance Indicators (CPI) with user defined thresholds

Business Support Services

Reliable, Knowledgeable, Global

  • 24 X 7 support
  • Staffed with FX-knowledgeable business specialists
  • Training and implementation services

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