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Integral FX Inside Professional™ for FX Liquidity Aggregation

A private FX trading system for Spot, Outrights and Swaps

A direct market access FX system that combines pricing from your liquidity providers with algorithmic trading to give you maximum liquidity and best execution

Your best choice for FX liquidity aggregation

FX Inside Professional eliminates the need for viewing multiple FX applications on multiple screens by aggregating them into a single interface, optionally under your institutionís brand.

Traders see your complete list of market makers with their associated price streams, giving you full visibility and transparency of your liquidity.

FX Inside Professional algorithmically sorts and ranks prices giving you the best price for any trade size with real-time execution of large trades over multiple liquidity providers and their pricing tiers.

Three methods are supported for receiving prices and executing trades, Executable Streaming Prices (ESP), Request for Stream (RFS) and undisclosed (or displayed) orders.

STP allows executed FX trades to automatically flow into your back office regardless of liquidity provider.

With FX Inside Professional As Your FX Liquidity Aggregator, You:

  • Maximize Profitability
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Reduce Execution & Operations Risk


Best Price/Best Execution

FX Inside Professional algorithmically aggregates and ranks prices from your liquidity providers, giving you depth of liquidity and best price, so you can execute the best deal available.

Depth and Quality of Liquidity

Liquidity is consolidated and displayed with bad, stale, and latent prices filtered out.


View your trading relationships with full visibility and transparency, consolidated on one screen.

Large Trades

FX Inside Professionalís algorithmic capabilities support executing large trades across multiple liquidity providers and their price tiers.

Size of large trades can be undisclosed keeping your interest private and supporting best pricing from your liquidity providers.

Single Configurable Interface

An intuitive, highly-configurable user interface provides flexibility in displaying all your liquidity providers with their multi-tier prices by currency pair, size, and provider on one screen.

Arrange and customize dealing panels to suit your requirements. Any panel can be torn off to be viewed on any monitor on your desktop.

Powerful Trading Techniques

Multiple trading modes, sophisticated order-crossing logic, and powerful configuration options for ESP, RFS and undisclosed or displayed orders, gives you complete control over your dealing activity.

Request for Stream

Request for stream for spot, outrights, or swap trades can provide access to more currency pairs and better prices for larger sizes.

Trade Completion

The FX Grid® low latency network increases the probability of filling and execute an order, and reduces rejection rates from LPs due to delays. You can submit orders and execute your trades in real time.

Single STP

STP is available via RTNS, Traiana, and Integral's STP client.

Ease of Deployment

Integralís solutions and services are delivered On Demand so that you can quickly go live without having to set up, own and operate a costly IT infrastructure. No software to install, no migrations to plan.


Price Discovery

  • ESP Price Details Panel
    Shows bid/offer prices sorted and ranked and depth of book.
  • ESP Prices Panel
    Lists the best bid/offer prices for currency pairs according to best price, price at depth or VWAP.
  • RFS Price Details Panel
    Shows the full depth of book and expiry periods for a specific currency pair.
    • Rates from multiple liquidity providers are displayed for a single request.
  • RFS Price Panel
    Lists the best price and expiry time for an RFS price stream.
    • See the result of multiple simultaneous RFS streams on a single panel.
    • Display best bid and best offer.

Orders Panel

Enter an undisclosed limit or stop loss order, or display orders to be offered and matched by your counterparties.

Trade Execution Options

  • Market Order
    Execute at market price.
  • Immediate or Cancel (IOC)
    Any portions not immediately executed are automatically cancelled.
  • Work the Balance
    Automatically execute orders at a selected price as rate updates are available for a remaining balance.
  • Icebergs
    Select a partial amount of a total desired trade to be displayed to counterparties.
  • VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price)
    Execute orders keeping the average execution price at or better than a specified value.
  • Order Expiry Options
    • GTD (Good-til-Date)
    • GTC (Good-til-Cancel)

Trade Entry Options

  • Single click or double click on a price.
  • Quick order entry buttons from a price ladder drop down.
  • Manual entry of order in orders panel.
  • Click on a price to accept an RFS offer.
  • Use the optional custom keypad for dealer keystroke efficiency. Designed with industry standard specifications, the programmable keypad occupies a minimal footprint.

Reporting and Monitoring

  • Account Details
    Shows credit and P&L status.
  • Monitors Panel
    A single panel shows all orders, positions, deals, messages and exceptions with appropriate dates, times, and amounts. The panel can be searched, downloaded, and printed.
  • A Market Snapshot
    Shows all prices at the time of the trade.
  • Reports
    Reports can be created by currency pair, counterparty, dealer, date and other custom variables.

Multiple Collaborative Views

Other members of the trading desk, such as the chief dealer, can see all activity and status for all the institutionís traders.

Post-Trade Processing

One STP Ė Many Banks
STP is available via RTNS, Traiana, and Integral's STP client.

When prime brokerage integration is required, FX Inside Professional can integrate seamlessly with your existing prime brokers.

API Trading

FX Inside Professional provides Java and C++ APIs, as well as FIX protocol support for integration with in-house automated trading systems.

FX Software-as-a-Service

FX Inside Professional is an On Demand service on Integralís FX Grid, a global inter-institutional connectivity and trading network linking leading market making banks to FX market participants.

Business Support Services

  • 24-hour support; 24 x 6 tracking all open markets
  • Staffed with FX-knowledgeable business specialists
  • Training and implementation services

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