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Integral FX Inside API™


The FX Inside API™ is an interface for accessing liquidity directly from FX Grid® for spot FX, outrights, swaps, CFDs, and non-deliverable forwards (NDFs). The API is based on the FIX protocol.

The API is used by liquidity takers (institutional and retail brokers, hedge funds, etc.) for direct market access to price streams from multiple liquidity providers.

The API can also be offered by brokers to their clients for access to the broker’s price streams. It can also be used by market makers to price into FX Grid.

FX Inside API can be used to integrate proprietary electronic and algorithmic trading systems including client-server, browser based, and mobile application trading systems.

FX Inside API’s extensive features allow application developers to focus on their core functionality and online trading business requirements.

FX Inside API - Electronic and algorithmic integration

FX Inside API — Electronic and algorithmic integration

Time to Market

Businesses can quickly respond to changing market demands, by leveraging FX Inside API’s rich functionality to access and make liquidity.

Easy Black Box Integration

Easily add multi-source direct market access to black box solutions.

Easily Integrate Your Existing Proprietary Trading Systems

Integrate your proprietary trading systems into the robust, feature-rich, FX Grid. This ability to leverage existing trading applications helps reduce the learning curve for your users.

Expand Your Custom Business Strategies

Continue to leverage your custom business execution strategies; maintain clear separation between your order execution strategies and FX Inside liquidity acquisition.


Support for Simple and Complex Order Types

FX Inside API supports all order types that are used in FX markets. We work with our customers to recommend and implement the order types that best fit their goals.

Support for Liquidity Provider Access

FX Inside API provides the ability to make prices to one or more participants on FX Grid. Further, it supports direct market access pricing from one or multiple liquidity providers.

Two Methods of Pricing & Execution

Access dealable quote information through both Executable Streaming Prices (ESP) and Request for Stream (RFS).

FX Inside API has the ability to either get aggregated or individual prices.

Post-Trade Processing

Provides support for FIX protocol (4.2, 4.3 and 4.4) and for a single connection for all executed trades to flow into your back office system. No additional software is required.

Low Latency

FX Inside API provides a number of ways to ensure low latency:

  • Direct access to FX Grid, Integral’s high availability, low latency network.
  • Connect over the Internet, a VPN, a cross-connect, leased lines or a Private Network
  • Cross-connect with Integral inside some of Equinix’ data centers

Authentication & Security

  • Support for industry standard authentication mechanisms
  • Secure messaging transportation

True Partnership

Integral’s solutions team will work with you side-by-side during the integration process. We will analyze your business needs and develop an optimal solution that gets you started quickly.

Business Support Services

  • 24 x 7 support, staffed with FX-knowledgeable business specialists
  • Training and implementation services with supporting documentation that includes best practices and examples
  • Knowledgeable business support specialists to assist in the setup of a conformance test bed and acceptance testing

Supported Environments

FX Inside API uses the FIX protocol and as such is platform independent.

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