• Client Solutions: Integral FX Inside Alpha
  • Client Solutions: Integral FX Inside Alpha
  • Client Solutions: Integral FX Inside Alpha
FX Week 2010 e-FX Award

Best Algorithmic Trading Technology

Profit & Loss 2010 Digital Markets Awards

Best Algorithmic Trading System

FX Inside Alpha™

Write your own algorithms for FX Inside Professional

Develop your own Add-ins to customize and extend FX Inside Professional

Take advantage of the modular design of FX Inside Alpha

Benefit from a dramatically lower cost structure due to shared infrastructure services

FX Inside Alpha is the most complete solution designed to take on the challenges of FX Algo Trading. All infrastructure services are shared which dramatically lowers the cost for each user.

FX Inside Alpha was engineered in a modular design to increase attractiveness to many different users. It has an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to allow for the customization and extension for FX Inside Professional. For the first time, users can write their own programs ('Add-ins') in any Microsoft-compatible programming language such as Visual Basic .NET and C#. These add-ins allow a user to extend the existing functionality and change the behavior of FX Inside to meet one's very specific trading strategy goals.

For the first time, users can write their own algorithms for FX Inside Professional.

Integral FX Inside Alpha

A Complete Solution

FX Inside Alpha addresses the key areas of concern of an algorithmic trader such as liquidity, deployment, hardware solutions, software solutions, back testing environment and data.


The foundation of Integral's FX solutions is the FX Grid, a global inter-institutional connectivity and trading network, linking market making banks to FX market participants.


Part of this solution is a fully functional live trading environment that is supported 24/7 and co-located in Integral's data centers. FX Inside is a direct market access FX system that combines pricing from your liquidity providers with algorithmic trading to give you maximum liquidity and best execution.


FX Inside Alpha offers multiple hardware configurations options from hands-on (fully supplied, hosted and managed by Integral) to hands-off (user supply their own hardware). For more details, please read more about Integral's On Demand Algo Trader solution.


Integral offers multiple software configuration options from an all-Integral-software environment to a mixed-source deployment.

Back Testing:

Integral offers a fully functional back testing environment, co-located in its data centers.


Integral provides real, dealable prices from real market participants from all the major market makers, with absolutely no intermediary. You can download the major currency pairs with tick-by-tick historical rates on www.truefx.com. This data is top-of-the-book, tick-by-tick market data, with fractional pip spreads in millisecond detail. All timestamps are based on GMT.

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