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Integral FX Grid®

The foundation of Integral's FX solutions is the FX Grid, a global inter-institutional connectivity and trading network, linking market making banks to FX market participants.

Business Agility

FX Grid's service virtualization and provisioning is the most flexible approach to FX trading systems, with no risk of development, integration, and delivery support costs to give you the shortest time to value realization in your FX trading business.

The FX Grid allows highly configurable trading solutions, whether for buy side or sell side, letting you create, manage and operate your private branded trading systems.

The FX Grid ultra low latency network and systems increase the probability to fill and execute an order and reduce rejection rates from LPs due to delays. In the increasingly volatile FX market, with price changes occurring several hundred times per second, FX Grid lets you receive published trades and execute a trade request in real time.

Lowest Latency

FX Grid is the fastest connection among trading relationships, with multiple data centers around the world.

Integration on Demand

Connect instantly to all of the industry's leading liquidity providers and major financial institutions, and integrate your back office through a single STP connection.

Service Quality

Access high reliability, low latency, and performance monitoring information to better manage rejection rates and exception handling.


Quickly add or change trading relationships through simple and dynamic provisioning avoiding costly IT development, integration and ongoing maintenance costs.

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