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The Power of Integral FX Cloud™

FX Cloud™ is an open FX platform delivered and maintained by Integral that is shared by many different industry market participants. It offers the full life cycle of FX as cloud services, offering our customers all the benefits of this business model.

  • Zero upfront costs
  • Immediate deployment
  • Direct connections to 150+ liquidity sources
  • Pricing engine
  • Distribution
  • Risk management

Integral FX Cloud for Asset Managers

Investment managers can automate the entire process from organizing trade lists, to selecting optimal netting plans, executing and rolling trades electronically, and allocating executed trades back to the portfolio of funds. They can do so in a revolutionary, fully electronic, patent-pending process. This superior process automation is augmented with smart execution and access to industry-leading liquidity from banks, ECNs and HFTs.

Integral is focused on reducing market friction and providing investment managers with the solutions that offer them an edge at every step of their currency trading process. One example of this philosophy is the Integral FX Benchmark™, a set of FX benchmark rates for major currency pairs. The mid-rates are displayed in one-second intervals and made available online for free on www.FXBenchmark.com.

Integral FX Cloud for Institutional Banks and Brokers

Our technology solutions allow FX banks and brokers to build their own private FX exchanges, and to deliver branded trading services to their clientele through FX Cloud.

Integral's FX Grid®, a FX trading network that is the shared fabric of hundreds of FX OTC exchanges around the globe, connects FX market participants with all major sources of liquidity and with each other.

Integral's award-winning services include the family of FX Inside Professional™ products for the professional segment including FX Inside White Label™, an FX trading system that allows FX banks and brokers to source, package, and deliver their liquidity, directly to their clients, under their brand.

Integral FX Cloud for Retail Brokers

Using Integral's margin FX solutions, brokers can bypass single source pricing systems and allow their clients to leverage transparent, multi-source liquidity from the FX Grid.

Integrating margin trading systems into the FX Grid allows margin FX brokers to have a single source for all their multi-bank liquidity and integrate that liquidity directly into their margin FX trading platforms. They can create pricing that matches their business model and that is unique to their client types. They also can aggregate and configure multiple liquidity sources into price streams for their clients.

For each currency pair, they can determine which of their liquidity sources' prices to consolidate, choose the right method for consolidating that liquidity, specify a spread, and create pricing streams for one or more MetaTrader 4 instances. A MT4 bridge with industry-leading functionality is available upon request.

Most recently, Integral announced FX Yield Manager™, the first FX risk management suite delivering all the functionality needed for FX banks and brokers to offer world-class market making services to their customers.

FX Cloud - The open platform for FX

FX Cloud delivers technology-based business solutions to the various FX market participants so that they can achieve their business goals when competing in global currency markets. By connecting once to Integral, our customers gain access to all facets of global foreign exchange markets, assembled in what must be the largest and most diverse OTC FX trading network and liquidity aggregation platform in existence today.

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