• Client Solutions: Sell Side Banks

Sell-Side Bank Solutions

Increase Distribution

Liquidity Providers increase your distribution and grow your businesses by easily connecting to any FX Grid® participant. New takers are added to the Grid with a simple client download.

Let our global sales and relationship managers help you identify and engage new trading partners to quickly and easily access new markets.

Decrease Risk

One size doesn't fit all. Traders and takers have different motives and interests in trading foreign exchange, whether hedge funds, asset exchanges, or speculators.

Deliver your liquidity with the right price stream, to the right customer, through the right channel for the right reasons. Integral's Sell-Side Bank solutions give you the flexibility to customize your pricing for reduced business risk and increased profitability.

Integration on Demand

Connect instantly to major global financial institutions and integrate your back office through a single STP connection.


Unique liquidity regeneration features allow you time to offload position risk as trading levels are gradually replenished according to your requirements.

Precise Provisioning

Gain flexibility to spread, control and display multi-tier prices on a per-user basis, as well as individualized trading restrictions and credit limits.

Quality of Service

99.9% uptime and our dedicated team of business support specialists provide round-the-clock monitoring to alert you of any trading or settlement issues.

Agency Solution

Offer an "agency" solution to your trading desk. The trader has access to their bank and potentially other bank's liquidity.

Branded Single-Bank System

Replace your existing Single Bank System (SBS) with a private trading system managed by Integral. Eliminate your SBS development and support costs.

Single Bank Systems with a Complete Intermediary Solution

Add your own branded intermediary solution for agencies, brokers or dealers to your SBS. Your customers can have pricing and business model flexibility while addressing all their client segments; institutional, margin, or retail.

Retail Solutions

Offer retail solution to meet the demand for advanced FX Margin trading and the opportunity for expanding your distribution for your liquidity. Integral lets you offer other financial institutions and brokers a branded solution to deliver sophisticated foreign exchange trading services to retail customers efficiently and without a significant investment in resources.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

All Integral Solutions are delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) on the Integral FX Grid. Integral SaaS solutions dramatically reduce time-to-market and operations cost. New features are added without user migration headaches. Customer support is available 24 x 7.

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