• Client Solutions: Prime Brokers

Prime Broker Solutions

Offer FX trading services to your institutional and professional clients

Leverage your credit, clearing power, and liquidity provider relationships to offer new trading services to your clients.

You act as an agent offering trading services and delivering liquidity to your clients who can be transparent or anonymous.

Your clients will benefit from:

  • Having access to deeper liquidity and better prices
  • Executing on live, streaming prices
  • Transparency or anonymity
  • Seamless, straight-through processing for clearing and settlement including Traiana's Harmony prime brokerage network

Integral's prime broker solution adds or extends your electronic FX business, supporting your business model under your brand. You service and manage your clients with your own private trading system.

Quickly launch or expand your own private, branded trading system

Integral's prime broker solution is a managed service giving you the ability to quickly go live with your private branded FX trading solution.

Business configurations that match your requirements

You act as an agent offering trading services and delivering liquidity to your clients. Your clients can be transparent or anonymous traders.

Offer industry leading trading services

You can offer your clients a branded FX Inside Professional trading application that provides a combined view of your liquidity and algorithmic best execution services

Ease of deployment

Integral's solutions and services are delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) so that you can enter new markets quickly without having to own and operate any IT infrastructure. No software to install, no migrations to plan.

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