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Margin FX Broker Solutions

Integral's margin FX solutions offer you a variety of options to address business opportunities in the fastest growing eFX segment.

Integral's margin integration options

Margin Integration Options to FX Grid

FX Grid Integration with MetaTrader 4™ and ProTrader™

Integral's margin integration options give brokers the capability to configure FX Grid aggregated pricing streams from multiple sources and tailor them to their individual business models.

Using Integral's margin FX solutions, brokers can bypass single source pricing systems and allow their clients to leverage transparent, multi-source liquidity from the FX Grid.

Integral lets you integrate the FX Grid with leading margin trading platforms including:

  • MetaTrader 4
  • ProTrader

or to your proprietary margin FX trading systems using the FX Inside API.

Integrating margin trading systems into the FX Grid lets you:

  • Have a single source for all your multi-bank liquidity and integrate your liquidity directly into your margin FX trading platforms.
  • Create pricing that matches your business model and that is unique to your client types.
  • Aggregate and configure multiple liquidity sources into price streams for your clients.

For each currency pair you can:

  • Determine which of your liquidity source's prices to consolidate
  • Choose a method for consolidating your liquidity
  • Specify a spread
  • Create pricing streams for one or more MetaTrader 4 instances

For each currency pair within an individual price stream you can specify an execution method:

  • Fill or Kill
  • All or Nothing (AON)
  • No Cover (you assume market risk)
  • Keep price improvement or pass along to your clients

FX Software as a Service (SaaS)

FX Inside Professional is a managed service on Integral's FX Grid, a global inter-institutional connectivity and trading network linking leading market making banks and global financial institutions.

No programming or technical integration work is necessary. No additional software to install and operate.

Integral provides a highly configurable interface from Integral's FX Grid to MetaTrader 4, ProTrader or FX Inside API for proprietary margin FX trading platforms.

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