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Hedge Funds

Managed funds and entities that trade FX as an asset class have virtually doubled the daily volume of trading in just the past few years. Integral offers these sectors solutions to access and trade currency pairs using the FX Inside API™ or FX Inside Professional™ Execution Management System that aggregates streaming, executable prices (ESPs) from the major liquidity providers.

The best starting point for a quick overview of all of Integral's services and how they augment each other is FX Inside Alpha. FX Inside Alpha is the most complete solution designed to take on the challenges of FX Algo Trading.

Trade using your aggregated liquidity and algorithms

Take advantage of direct market access (DMA) FX trading that combines pricing from your liquidity providers with algorithmic trading for maximum liquidity and best execution.

Integrate your proprietary systems via the FX Inside API

Consolidate executable FX prices from multiple liquidity providers and trade through a single application

FX Inside Professional is the first direct market access system for foreign exchange. It aggregates your FX executable prices from your liquidity providers, whether market making banks or other liquidity venues, enabling a trader to execute their trades from a single application.

Optimize Liquidity for Best Price

Consolidate prices from your liquidity sources single-bank systems into a single application. Aggregated prices are ordered according to best bid and offer prices.

Best Execution

  • Automatically displays best price. On larger orders, optimize trade execution across your entire book.
  • Receive published trades and execute a trade request in real-time.
  • Price at depth
  • Algorithmic trading intelligence for deriving, splitting and spreading multi-sourced liquidity from market makers.

Choose from 2 Client Options

Choose from .Net client running on your desktop or FX Inside HD providing additional virtualization for ultra-low latency price discovery and execution.

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