• Client Solutions: Pension Funds, Investment Managers, and Mutual Funds

Pension Funds, Investment Managers and Mutual Funds

Quick set up; record time to trade with zero up-front technology costs

Integrate with the most advanced and diverse OTC FX trading network and FX aggregation service

Benefit from best liquidity and best execution

A complete solution, out of the box

Experience a true partnership

Quick set up and record time to trade with zero up-front technology costs

Integral's cloud-based FX services automate your process, the way you have it, the way you want it, without compromises. Unlike with others, we don't have a mold you need to adhere to. We work with you to develop the solution that works best for your particular situation. Because Integral's solutions are all available in the cloud, set up is easy and by connecting once to Integral, you are instantaneously set up to connect with everybody else on the platform.

Easily integrate with the most advanced and diverse OTC FX trading network and FX aggregation service

Upgrade your technology with the one that is the power behind some of the most successful FX market participants in the world. Integral's award-winning technology serves more than 200 institutions, close to 2,000 trading parties, and the service providers that help them succeed. Benefit from non-stop trading monitoring during market hours. If need be, our support team that is comprised of FX-knowledgeable business specialists is only a click or phone call away.

Benefit from best liquidity and best execution

Integral's FX liquidity aggregator, delivered as a service that is hosted by Integral, offers an industry-leading mix of liquidity from the most diverse sources including ECNs, bank and non-bank trading groups and interest-based liquidity (resting orders). Deploy your algorithmic trading intelligence for deriving, splitting and spreading multi-sourced liquidity from market makers.

This depth and breadth of liquidity sources, in combination with high-powered algorithmic execution, smart order routing, and free tick-by-tick data, reinforces Integral's FX Grid® as the place with the best liquidity and best execution.

A complete FX solution, out of the box

FX Cloud™ is an open FX platform delivered by Integral. It offers the full life cycle of FX, available in the cloud, as services hosted by Integral: From pre-trade, trade, to post trade services. FX market participants and the businesses that serve them, have access to all the tools they need to be successful. You select only the functionality that you need, and only pay for it, when you actually use it. With no upfront costs to worry about, all the necessary functionality at your fingertips, and the knowledge that you are partnering with an award-winning technology provider, Integral allows you to fully focus on running your business. Managing the network connection to Integral is all you need to do, for access to a fully supported FX infrastructure.

Experience the power of a true partnership

Integral is a technology provider, not a bank or a broker. Because of the pay-as-you-go business model, we only get paid, when you trade. Therefore, it is in our strong interest to make you successful in your FX trading. We share your risk and will be rewarded from your success.

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