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Access top tier liquidity and industry-leading technology and executions

Reduce cost

Improve your risk management

Experience a true partnership

Access Top Tier Liquidity and Industry-leading Technology and Executions

Trade in the knowledge that top tier liquidity providers are competing for your business. Rely on Integral's award-winning technology and unparalleled execution capabilities. Organize and automate your existing FX business without forced compromises to its unique features.

Reduce Cost

Benefit from the pay-as-you-go model by renting specific functionality you need, when you need it. Have Integral handle support, network administration, and provide order execution and settlement. Benefit from the cost effectiveness of accessing a shared infrastructure, which eclipses the economics of any proprietary trading solution.

Improve Your Risk Management

Tailored Workflows and trading rules tailored to your needs, in combination with your own personalized liquidity, provide you with the flexibility to implement the most favorable risk management methodologies.

Experience the power of a true partnership

Integral is a technology provider, not a bank or a broker. Because of the pay-as-you-go business model, we only get paid, when you trade. Therefore, it is in our strong interest to make you successful in your FX trading. We share your risk and will be rewarded from your success.

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