• Client Solutions: Broker/Dealers

Broker/Dealer Solutions

Go beyond typical white label solutions to source, package and deliver liquidity, directly to your clients under your brand

Trading for your Institutional and Professional Clients

FX Inside White Label is a managed service FX trading system that allows you to source, package, and deliver your liquidity, directly to your clients, under your brand. See the FX Inside White Label data sheet for more details.

Integrate to Existing Trading Systems

The FX Inside API™ is a set of application programming interfaces, supporting the FIX protocol and Java, C++ interfaces. The FX Inside API can be used to integrate proprietary electronic and algorithmic client-server, browser-based and mobile application trading systems. See the FX Inside API data sheet for more details.

MetaTrader 4 Integration

FX Grid® multi-source liquidity is now accessible to brokers operating MetaQuotes MetaTrader 4 retail platforms via the MetaTrade 4 Bridge. Multiple liquidity providers can be aggregated into a single MetaTrader 4 system. See the MetaTrader 4 Bridge data sheet for more details.

FX Inside White Label™ solutions allow you to offer FX trading services to your institutional, professional, leverage fund, and retail client segments. FX Inside White Label private branded solutions give you the flexibility to configure your own trading system from the sources of liquidity, the customer experience, to the types of execution models.

  • Multi-source liquidity to provide depth and tightest price
  • Price aggregation to create customized price streams
  • Price customization on a per counterparty or per user basis with spreading and trading limits
  • Branded trading applications for all client types:
    • Retail
    • Institutional
    • Broker
    • Leverage Funds
    • Professional
  • Real time credit & margin risk management capabilities
  • MetaTrader integration
  • STP

Highest Quality Liquidity

Prices from multiple providers and liquidity sources are automatically aggregated, filtered for bad, stale or latent prices, and consolidated into price streams, providing an "always on" source of deep liquidity to your clients.

Liquidity Distribution

Deliver your packaged liquidity directly to clients through a variety of client trading applications.

Position Risk Management

Position risk from customer (executions) can be eliminated through auto-dealing with your liquidity providers.

Credit and Margin Risk Management

Real time credit and margin risk management provides robust pre-trade checking and daily and overall trading limit management of your clients.

Client Provisioning

A price making engine provides flexibility to spread, control and display prices on a per-user basis, with individualized spreading and trading restrictions.

Extend Your Trading Network

Provide your clients with the ability to re-brand your liquidity as their own and distribute it to their customers.


Brokers can get STP messages for all trades between their clients and themselves as well as themselves and their liquidity providers.

STP is available via RTNS, Traiana, and Integral's STP client.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

All Integral Solutions are delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) on the Integral FX Grid. Integral SaaS solutions dramatically reduce time-to-market and operations cost. New features are added without user migration headaches. Customer support is available, globally, 24 x 7.

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