• technology Innovation and Leadership

Technology Innovation and Leadership

Integral has a track record of technology innovation that increases transparency, reduces cost and friction, and levels the playing field in FX markets. Many leading FX market participants are partnering with Integral to achieve their goals faster, far more cost efficiently and with improved risk management.

U.S. Patents Awarded to Integral

Patents issued reassure Integral’s customers that the technology solutions and systems which they are using to conduct their business were designed in such unique ways that they warrant the legal protection afforded by the exclusivity secured by a U.S. patent. It is also a testament to Integral’s technology innovation. Integral will continue to protect its intellectual property, and the rights of its customers who use its systems and technology.

U.S. Patent 8,417,622, in general, among other things, covers electronically sourcing prices from multiple locations, the aggregation and sorting of these prices, and a possible second sort by the computer to fill any remaining piece of the order (i.e. “sweeping the market”) based on even more detailed user-defined preferences.

U.S. Patent 8,417,622 complements U.S. Patent 7,882,011 titled “Systems and Methods of Conducting Financial Transactions”.

US Patent 6,347,307 on "system and method for conducting web-based financial transactions in capital markets" covers the electronic negotiation, execution and settlement of OTC financial products over the Internet.

Peer Recognition Through Industry Awards

Here are some of the recent industry awards that Integral won thanks to the support of its business partners.


Wall Street Letter announced that Integral has won the category "Best FX Trading Platform - Cloud Solutions" in the 'Wall Street Letter Institutional Trading Awards 2013'. Clarifying on its website, Wall Street Letter writes that "The Wall Street Letter 2013 Institutional Trading Awards recognize excellence among providers to the institutional trading industry." And, "Specifically, this event for WSL looks to award brokerage firms, exchanges and financial technology companies for achievements and innovation over the last year." WSL appoints a panel of independent judges to review award submissions to determine winners.

Institutional Investor

Institutional Investor Magazine, recognized Integral's CEO Harpal Sandhu as one of 'the 2013 Trading Technology 40'. This is the second annual "global ranking of the most prominent innovators in the field," of "trading technology leaders - selected by II staff based on their accomplishments and contributions to both the company and industry levels," as the magazine states on its website.


Integral was recognized as the best in the category "Online FX Trading" in the 2011 Leaders in Innovation Awards. Financial-i's Leaders in Innovation Awards identify global transaction banks and financial hardware and software providers that in the last 12 months have excelled, in terms of innovation in business solutions. Shortlisted companies are selected based on research conducted by financial-i's team of journalists as well as feedback received from its awards advisory panel, which includes industry analysts, consultants and practitioners.

FX Week 2011 e-FX Award

Integral was awarded with the coveted FX Week e-FX Award 2011 for "Best Trading Technology Vendor". FX Week states that "this award will go to the business that can demonstrate their track record in delivering the best technology to the FX industry. The winner will be able to show how the innovative products they have offered the market have set them apart from their rivals."

FX Week 2010 e-FX Award

Integral won in the category "Best Algorithmic Trading Technology" of the 2010 e-FX awards for FX Inside Alpha™, the most complete solution designed to take on the challenges of FX algorithmic trading.

Profit & Loss Magazine's 2010 Reader's Choice Digital Market Awards

In the Profit & Loss Magazine's 2010 Reader's Choice Digital Market Awards, Integral also took top honors in the category "Best Algorithmic Trading System" with FX Inside Alpha™.

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