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Great Reasons to Work at Integral

Best and Brightest

Join a team of smart, innovative, dedicated and friendly individuals. Whether we're working together to meet a deadline or facing down a neighboring company on the soccer field, we work together — challenging, encouraging and learning from each other.

You Matter

At Integral we have a shared sense of purpose. Through shared decision-making, the interaction of ideas, perspective and experience, everyone is able to contribute and make a difference.

At the edge — the cutting edge

Integral's technology and solutions are transformational to the FX industry. We're a team of change agents…join us!

Global, in all ways

Integral serves a truly global market of foreign currency exchange. Our workforce and operations reflect the international range of the market and the customers we serve.

We take our work seriously, but:

We know that play and relaxation gives everyone the boost they need. Our campus has plenty of recreational options such as working out at the fitness center, going for a walk, playing table tennis or a mid-afternoon foosball break.

Covering for you

Integral benefits provide you with the great coverage for your health and well-being, saving for the future and for time-off to recharge.

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